Saturday, October 24, 2015

020 Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction- Leader Class Optimus Prime.

020 Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction- Leader Class Optimus Prime.  photo DSC_7681_zpseuuz2q2e.jpg  photo DSC_7691_zpsfpyrtyqq.jpg  photo DSC_8072_zpscjtulqjo.jpg  photo DSC_8075_zpschtb1wwe.jpg  photo DSC_8078_zpsikapscl4.jpg  photo DSC_8081_zpsfaq0ahuu.jpg  photo DSC_8093_zpsh8uzsr2w.jpg  photo DSC_7919_zpsdpwgy2hr.jpg I recent re-watched AOE and I liked it more than I remembered when I first saw it in theatre. Yes It is far from perfect, but definitely a fun movie with some memorable scenes and effects. I was less than keen on picking up yet another movie-verse Optimus, but I grabbed this guy on sale and was pleasantly surprised. That said, for reference, one of my favourite toys is ROTF Optimus Prime and I feel that AOE Prime is able to achieve the movie aesthetic without the complexity that causes my brain to hurt. Side note: I'm an idiot with transforming things. I can only guess that when Hasbro talked about simplified Transformers, they had me in mind; sorry for that. Vehicle mode: Pretty standard movie verse Prime. Pros: Chrome stacks, sturdy. Cons: Boring! Yet another long nosed truck that looks remarkably similar to the last 3 versions of the same character. Looks cheap compared to the previous counterparts. Robot mode: Good representation of the screen model. Pros: Well articulated, satisfying transformation, nice sword, no electronics. Cons: Shell former with random panels that don't really connect, (re: hip skirt, feet to lower leg portion), large backpack, awkward gun/shield, stupid unnecessary head popping gimmick.

019 Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series- Star Killer (Galen Marek)

019 Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series- Star Killer (Galen Marek)  photo DSC_7190_zps1xeqs3rz.jpg  photo DSC_7199_zpsjpwuuemy.jpg  photo DSC_7782_zpsnqkfveu3.jpg  photo DSC_7785_zps279lvrdz.jpg  photo DSC_7788_zpsu4ccmldh.jpg  photo DSC_7791_zpspvzkojuy.jpg  photo DSC_7760_zpscqvnkdgr.jpg  photo DSC_7765_zpsgngvtoyg.jpg Alright, a EU character that I actually know. Starkiller, an awesome homage to an early draft name that later became Skywalker, is the lead character to the successful video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 & 2. For the most part I enjoyed 1 playing through 80% of it, but I left 2 to be played by my son who has way more patience for games. He liked it, but cleared it in an afternoon. The character is pretty interesting as I understand that he has an equal draw to the light and dark side of the force and the figure has accessories to compliment both 'sides'. Much like the other Black figures there is a decent amount of detail and good accessories, but still no hip joints to allow for more dynamic posing which I feel is essential to this toy and therefor overall disappointing. Pros: First version of this figure? Appropriate accessories. Cons: No ball jointed hips!

018 Thinkway Toys Pixar- Mr. Incredible.

018 Thinkway Toys Pixar- Mr. Incredible.  photo DSC_7534_zpskqurh3fd.jpg  photo DSC_7537_zpsih86s0ve.jpg  photo DSC_7721_zpsqf6zwbhc.jpg  photo DSC_7725_zpstl5qqieu.jpg  photo DSC_7728_zpsof6onitq.jpg  photo DSC_7730_zpsabfmbzjs.jpg  photo DSC_7714_zpsrdv8j70n.jpg  photo DSC_7753_zpskzfygm5b.jpg The Incredibles continues to be one of my favourite Pixar movies to date, so when I saw that these 6", articulated figures were coming out I was very excited. Overall I like it, but it certainly does not feel like a $25 toy. The plastic feels cheap and the toy has very little weight to it, but it's not evident by just looking at it. It comes with a decent stand and a decapitated arm that he used the movie to immobilize one of Syndrome's robot minions; a nice touch, but kinda meh IMO. I understand that Syndrome will be available soon, but I would love to see the rest of the cast, including Frozone. Pros: good articulation, great likeness. Cons: bit pricey, feels a bit cheap.

017 Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series- Darth Malgus

017 Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series- Darth Malgus  photo DSC_7349_zpsuevzq5zv.jpg  photo DSC_7354_zpsohlwofcw.jpg  photo DSC_7802_zpsjbxmpggq.jpg  photo DSC_7805_zpsftn3qfkx.jpg  photo DSC_7808_zpsjca1fhut.jpg  photo DSC_7811_zpsoepdwity.jpg  photo DSC_7794_zpsueyj9dqz.jpg Another character in the expanded universe that I'm not really familiar with, but he certainly looked interesting; I guess I'm a bit of a sucker for EU and random characters. This figure specifically has some faults in toy form though. Firstly, I'm pretty disappointed with the lack of ball joints on the hips. Full knee movement means nothing if the hips have no action. The other odd thing is with cloak. Yes it is a very nice addition, but I can't seam to figure out how to attach it to him so it looks natural. Overall I'm sure that EU fans love the opportunity to have him, but can't help but be a bit disappointed. Pros: nice beefy figure, great sculpt, obscure character. Cons: No ball joints on hips, limits poses. Odd inclusion of cloak that doesn't really fit well.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

014 & 015 & 016 Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Classic - Aladdin, Merida & Donald Duck

014 & 015 & 016 Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Classic - Aladdin, Merida & Donald Duck.  photo DSC_7617_zpstourbsmz.jpg  photo DSC_7624_zpssqde5fpi.jpg  photo DSC_7671_zpsv3wix82k.jpg  photo DSC_7662_zpsaoglkfmh.jpg  photo DSC_7666_zps4r889pbu.jpg  photo DSC_7668_zpscdwjbiae.jpg  photo DSC_7674_zpsiirswwgb.jpg Aladdin- The diamond in the rough himself. Good likeness and sculpt capture his happy-go-luck street rat attitude.  photo DSC_7604_zps9egvd6px.jpg  photo DSC_7608_zps0mgcdhub.jpg  photo DSC_7638_zpsopjfdzof.jpg  photo DSC_7630_zpsqnxeh94t.jpg  photo DSC_7633_zpsqf8dwncm.jpg  photo DSC_7636_zps8ky70eji.jpg  photo DSC_7627_zpsuzrzvfy1.jpg Merida- Captures a great look and showcases her ability with a Bow; also glad her hair is still crazy and unkempt. Even included the blue sprit from the movie- very cool nod.  photo DSC_7335_zpscnwsw4mt.jpg  photo DSC_7339_zpstt03mhg8.jpg  photo DSC_7374_zpsywza4kq6.jpg  photo DSC_7366_zps6kdvniey.jpg  photo DSC_7368_zps7yjyw6bo.jpg  photo DSC_7370_zpsxpfs0lgv.jpg  photo DSC_7371_zpsh4dkfggw.jpg Donald Duck- One of the original and also my favourite. They captured his attitude perfectly. Pros: Awesome sculpt and representation, the base hides the "tech" Cons: No articulation