Sunday, October 11, 2015

003 Jakks Pacfic - World of Nintendo: Mario

003 Jakks Pacific - World of Nintendo: Mario  photo 761D24D3-35C8-42E9-8D89-3BF8351FA28E_zps5fdb9gir.jpg  photo 40437C94-2745-4175-B6E0-1CADB30BF24E_zpsjivisibe.jpg  photo 53B446C0-3E34-49F5-AAE0-6315D5FC8A8A_zps2kymu761.jpg  photo 58BB070D-5155-44A0-87B6-FA2CB4649498_zpsmltqlfxp.jpg  photo A5B0A15A-956F-4585-9AAD-7DDAEE491A7A_zpsy586vlco.jpg Over 25 years Mario has been a iconic character and a staple in my life; with all the toys I have collected though the years it is crazy that it took so long to get a plastic version of him. I'll either chalk it up to Nintendo lacking the foresight and understanding that people love spending money on little plastic effigies of their childhood heroes, or maybe I just never noticed. In any case for 10 bucks this bad-boy was well worth the wait. Pros: It's a nice representation of the figure as we have come to know him, decent articulation, great price! Cons: Articulation is hindered by body and some poses are limited, would have been nice if he could hold his trademark mushroom?

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