Saturday, October 24, 2015

020 Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction- Leader Class Optimus Prime.

020 Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction- Leader Class Optimus Prime.  photo DSC_7681_zpseuuz2q2e.jpg  photo DSC_7691_zpsfpyrtyqq.jpg  photo DSC_8072_zpscjtulqjo.jpg  photo DSC_8075_zpschtb1wwe.jpg  photo DSC_8078_zpsikapscl4.jpg  photo DSC_8081_zpsfaq0ahuu.jpg  photo DSC_8093_zpsh8uzsr2w.jpg  photo DSC_7919_zpsdpwgy2hr.jpg I recent re-watched AOE and I liked it more than I remembered when I first saw it in theatre. Yes It is far from perfect, but definitely a fun movie with some memorable scenes and effects. I was less than keen on picking up yet another movie-verse Optimus, but I grabbed this guy on sale and was pleasantly surprised. That said, for reference, one of my favourite toys is ROTF Optimus Prime and I feel that AOE Prime is able to achieve the movie aesthetic without the complexity that causes my brain to hurt. Side note: I'm an idiot with transforming things. I can only guess that when Hasbro talked about simplified Transformers, they had me in mind; sorry for that. Vehicle mode: Pretty standard movie verse Prime. Pros: Chrome stacks, sturdy. Cons: Boring! Yet another long nosed truck that looks remarkably similar to the last 3 versions of the same character. Looks cheap compared to the previous counterparts. Robot mode: Good representation of the screen model. Pros: Well articulated, satisfying transformation, nice sword, no electronics. Cons: Shell former with random panels that don't really connect, (re: hip skirt, feet to lower leg portion), large backpack, awkward gun/shield, stupid unnecessary head popping gimmick.

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