Sunday, October 11, 2015

001 DC Collectables - The New Adventures of Batman and Robin - Batman

Currently I have a glut of toys that I have bought and not opened. Seeing as I am not a MISB collector I need to eventual open these suckers, but I find that I am rushing through it; not appreciating the toy. So I decided to take some simple pictures and post them with a small review. Nothing special, but still allows me to get more out of my collection. 001 The New Batman Adventures: Batman.  photo C67002E3-6DCD-4B85-AAB5-D96DD79887B1_zpsdzd8jq5x.jpg  photo FC70D9A4-6DF5-40BE-99A9-2ABF024D488C_zpsjixpa3uk.jpg  photo 1FFED49A-461A-47AE-9BFA-B1518B744625_zpspl9ezttk.jpg  photo DA988CB0-0B21-4EC4-8872-CF0410C92959_zpsgqqodish.jpg  photo 68F6E7B2-7B3A-4CB1-9719-85963A88D89C_zpsubj95ljb.jpg When the announcement was made for these toys I was super exited as Batman TAS is my favourite cartoon and I have to say that I was not disappointed; this thing is awesome! Pros: Great likeness, good articulation & awesome accessories Cons: No breakage, but VERY fragile. Stand is nice, but does little to support poses. Not sure why Batman from the New Adventures was the part of the first release. Overall, one of my favourite toys from the past year.

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