Sunday, October 11, 2015

005 Hasbro Marvel Infinity - Star Lord

005 Hasbro Marvel Infinity - Star Lord  photo 4CB2E5A4-3B85-40C8-824E-D26282E17293_zpshy09t8z3.jpg  photo AD8EC458-4C25-4DEF-BA5E-A778FA214669_zpsdbi3oey3.jpg  photo 6D32E284-7C13-4695-8509-22687B10A3B9_zpso4hu4u2x.jpg  photo 719EA5EC-B86C-439C-8828-E62083782EA3_zpsk0vwdmuy.jpg  photo A62AC390-84DE-4C8B-8872-4536E722AAE9_zpspnxe0il9.jpg  photo 7020AC0E-E7A0-41A4-AA92-9B44292EF26D_zpswdp4wfmr.jpg I guess you could say that I was somewhat aware of GOTG prior to their explosive rise to stardom (pun intended??) but never thought Marvel Studios would make me a fan. The movie changed all that and since I have picked up most of the new books and took in all the other (limited) media available. While I like the Chris Pratt version of the character, I didn't want to make the investment in the 6'' Marvel Legends figures that would no doubt be required. When I saw this little guy I was convinced that he had to be mine. To be honest, I sort of like the look of this version better; more true to the comics and certainly a look more becoming of a "LORD OF STARS" than the space pirate featured in the movie. Maybe this costume will be featured in the sequel? Pros: Great articulation, good price point, good likeness to source material. Cons: Figure broke right out of the package. (Looks like they used a left shoulder joint for the right should and had to force the bicep in place casing the joint pin to crumble. Not wanting to deal with finding a new one, I just glued them together a called it good.)

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