Sunday, October 11, 2015

006 Mattel Planes - Fire and Rescue - Pontoon Dusty

006 Mattel Planes - Fire and Rescue - Pontoon Dusty  photo 98FF64CE-44B6-4830-B492-F6F497247753_zps0audtctu.jpg  photo 2B263C52-9DF8-44FD-99F5-0190A61D205F_zpsinr6lf7o.jpg  photo 1E9B793D-AE10-441C-A9B5-952E945A2306_zpswpy3ijtn.jpg  photo 9708CB2D-0607-47CA-8933-93161E015D8F_zpsrmhqcjew.jpg  photo 9C318ECA-7FC7-45FA-ADC6-F109AF213AF5_zps01hikw6f.jpg  photo 7ECC6DDC-57B4-4589-8D6F-700648C04EA4_zpshlkskkav.jpg Ok, first thing first, I have an unhealthy obsession with most things Disney. Sure, I loved the cartoons as a kid, but only recently have I fully embraced everything from the theme parks, the movies, comics and apparently now the toys. I also liked, probably more than some, the Pixar movie Cars and subsequently liked the movie from the same universes, Disney Animation's Planes. Regardless of it's formulaic plot and flat characters it's was still charming and provided some stunning visuals on the big screen and the same can be said about the sequel, Fire and Rescue. Typically speaking, I'm not a die-cast collector, but I saw this guy at the dollar store for $3 and figured why not. It's a basic die-cast vehicle, but is able to convey personality; must be the eyes... I guess you put eyes on anything and it somehow gains a soul, it's science! Pros: Good likeness, personality and cheap! Cons: Typical stagnant die cast vehicle.

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