Saturday, October 24, 2015

019 Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series- Star Killer (Galen Marek)

019 Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series- Star Killer (Galen Marek)  photo DSC_7190_zps1xeqs3rz.jpg  photo DSC_7199_zpsjpwuuemy.jpg  photo DSC_7782_zpsnqkfveu3.jpg  photo DSC_7785_zps279lvrdz.jpg  photo DSC_7788_zpsu4ccmldh.jpg  photo DSC_7791_zpspvzkojuy.jpg  photo DSC_7760_zpscqvnkdgr.jpg  photo DSC_7765_zpsgngvtoyg.jpg Alright, a EU character that I actually know. Starkiller, an awesome homage to an early draft name that later became Skywalker, is the lead character to the successful video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 & 2. For the most part I enjoyed 1 playing through 80% of it, but I left 2 to be played by my son who has way more patience for games. He liked it, but cleared it in an afternoon. The character is pretty interesting as I understand that he has an equal draw to the light and dark side of the force and the figure has accessories to compliment both 'sides'. Much like the other Black figures there is a decent amount of detail and good accessories, but still no hip joints to allow for more dynamic posing which I feel is essential to this toy and therefor overall disappointing. Pros: First version of this figure? Appropriate accessories. Cons: No ball jointed hips!

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