Sunday, October 11, 2015

007 Hasbro Star Wars - The Black Series - Bastila Shan

007 Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series - Bastila Shan  photo 80323F21-9ACC-4404-9438-BCEEA13A5885_zpsjtdlojlb.jpg  photo 80585433-6C3D-4E64-ABC2-63DA321A0F76_zpsxchjltf3.jpg  photo B0810335-23F3-470D-9177-2C4C78F24CD9_zpsi4fb0mpz.jpg  photo A154C965-7FEA-4D5D-B94B-731DD2B97AA6_zpsrxysuq0e.jpg  photo 77926432-E603-4DA7-95CD-08E34F19F624_zpstwaj8oap.jpg  photo 430B4394-6924-4184-987C-1B80236FD754_zpstbjb7vsm.jpg Who? If that is what you first thought then you are not alone. I am a Star Wars fan, but apparently I'm not as big as I once was. Apparently the Jedi Bastila Shan was a supporting character in the Knights of the Old Republic Video games released in 2003 on the X-Box and PC (Thank you Wookiepedia). Not sure how I missed what seams like an awesome sounding game/story, but I guess my daughter was just a newborn that year, I had a Playstation and I was working two jobs so I didn't have time for computer games. Perhaps these excuses give me enough of an appeal for the revocation of my NERD card??? I started collecting toys in 1995 with the long sabre POTF figures and have my share of Star Wars toys. I continued through the prequels but quickly lost interest afterwards; how many Chewbacca's do you really need?(Four is the correct answer) And eventually moved on to Transformers and other collectibles. When the Star Wars, The Black Series figures were announced I was intrigued and started picking up characters from Ep 4-6 and the various extended universe figures. Pros: Great sculpt, detail and articulation on the shoulders, elbows and knees. Honestly it's very surprising to have a toy of such an obscure female character; I wish they would do this more. Cons: Brutal non-ball jointed hips, no interchangeable hands, lack of other accessories. How did Starkiller get so much stuff?? Anyways, I'm glad that Hasbro took the risk on this one; nice little figure and I hope they not only continue with the EU stuff, but making figures of the cool female characters in the Star Wars universe.

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