Sunday, October 11, 2015

002 Disney Infinity 2.0 - Tinkerbell

002 - Disney Infinity 2.0 - Tinkerbell  photo 3DAF02E4-9FCF-4717-A89B-516F1B0036E0_zps742copk4.jpg  photo 60C3D706-B698-459E-B872-968EC252DF50_zpsafz7h89a.jpg  photo 5ADA84E0-0334-45CF-A1E8-8970BB60FE6F_zpszxia2ywj.jpg  photo 33955DF8-3541-445D-BBA4-548A596B5BF9_zpsefgg81yl.jpg Bring a Disney fan I found it near impossible to not pass up these nifty little things. But are these figurines considered toys? Not trying to start a debate, but why wouldn't they? Sure there is no articulated and limited "play value" but seeing as all of my toys are posed on a shelf it's really the same difference. There is an added play value in that each one unlocks the character in the game, but I just like the look of them and will likely hold a place in my collection long after the games novelty is gone. Pros: Great design, sculpt and pose. Unlocks a playable character in a game. Probably life size? Cons: It's a statue, requires a considerable financial investment to play the character in the game and cannot actually help you fly.

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