Sunday, October 11, 2015

008 Hasbro Transformers Combiner Wars - Windcharger

008 Hasbro Transformers Combiner Wars - Windcharger.  photo B0495D84-3158-4BC0-9975-951821160FD2_zps0jbuvvht.jpg  photo 01E632D0-5572-4C9A-9A58-B936657953F4_zpshipxnzxf.jpg  photo A8E06641-FEF7-4B91-8682-44B7F4AC8816_zpszzxravgm.jpg  photo C3E61E2C-E9BC-4D9C-B329-AF5A0D0CDA4A_zps2gc8l565.jpg  photo 62B68D79-0A44-4323-AF3D-3B051784757E_zpsyenibktg.jpg  photo 9432E057-D68E-4D9D-825B-31FB1E944811_zpsq6txxl0y.jpg  photo 43DDDAE6-7D96-4FFD-B129-2637A744454E_zps4mbgdouj.jpg  photo B537FA08-D01A-412E-8864-45D8A830CAA5_zpsh8chyret.jpg  photo FA6A350E-FAEE-47B9-8CBD-473691B72B5B_zpsz25yn0uq.jpg  photo 272FE7BE-BD29-4A74-9FFA-A75FD7985592_zpsyr2p8fs8.jpg  photo DAFB1637-FAE7-4DA4-9F6A-B0ECCF90533E_zpsy7t1nzvh.jpg  photo DC835439-DBDF-4277-9F8A-5F1685772979_zpsambj1wd6.jpg Eight in and this is my first Transformer featured; crazy because I have more transformers to open than anything else. In any case I picked this guy up from Toys R Us when the rest of the first wave CW figures were released. I like these little figures as they are nice updates to the mini figures of Generation one, but compared to the other recently released Windcharger, it's a bit of a let down. I'm not sure what the execs at Hasbro are thinking, but this is not progress. Pros: Nice transformation, decent alt mod. Cons: No accessories, elbows limit poses, no head movement, inferior to the figure released 2 years ago.

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