Saturday, October 24, 2015

018 Thinkway Toys Pixar- Mr. Incredible.

018 Thinkway Toys Pixar- Mr. Incredible.  photo DSC_7534_zpskqurh3fd.jpg  photo DSC_7537_zpsih86s0ve.jpg  photo DSC_7721_zpsqf6zwbhc.jpg  photo DSC_7725_zpstl5qqieu.jpg  photo DSC_7728_zpsof6onitq.jpg  photo DSC_7730_zpsabfmbzjs.jpg  photo DSC_7714_zpsrdv8j70n.jpg  photo DSC_7753_zpskzfygm5b.jpg The Incredibles continues to be one of my favourite Pixar movies to date, so when I saw that these 6", articulated figures were coming out I was very excited. Overall I like it, but it certainly does not feel like a $25 toy. The plastic feels cheap and the toy has very little weight to it, but it's not evident by just looking at it. It comes with a decent stand and a decapitated arm that he used the movie to immobilize one of Syndrome's robot minions; a nice touch, but kinda meh IMO. I understand that Syndrome will be available soon, but I would love to see the rest of the cast, including Frozone. Pros: good articulation, great likeness. Cons: bit pricey, feels a bit cheap.

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