Sunday, October 11, 2015

004 Mattel Batman '66 - Surfing Batman

004 Mattel - Batman '66 - Surfing Batman  photo DBEDCF99-318D-4720-9EFC-BE07F75A5806_zpse4hsjeqh.jpg  photo EE42E5AC-54B9-499E-BC78-C5B5D5DDD712_zpshthu2qxb.jpg  photo 17C46982-65B8-48E3-8383-6C6D3D1D3AD6_zpsjt6zndmt.jpg  photo 1FA48938-3D00-45EE-80B3-7643D0CDD9EA_zpsyxotuh0v.jpg  photo CFF121BC-E67F-4794-929F-494AEFA445D5_zpsennf1ynk.jpg As a kid growing up in the 80's the '66 series was always a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand it was a syndicated series devoted to comics during a time when there was very little to offer, but on the other hand it was extremely silly and not at all the dark, action packed world that Tim Burton would have eventually introduced us too. I don't recall the ep that this figure is based on, but with the release of the Blurays perhaps I'll get a chance to find it. All things considered, I felt that the absurdity of this figure was well worth the price. Pros: Batman on a surfboard with surfing shorts, what else do you need? Cons: A stand, allowing him to "hang ten" would have been nice, looks like the rest of the series may have been scrapped.

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