Sunday, October 11, 2015

009 Bandai Big Hero 6 - (Marshmallow) Baymax.

009 Bandai Big Hero 6 - (Marshmallow) Baymax.  photo DSC_7286_zpsac136a51.jpg  photo DSC_7290_zps81061d73.jpg  photo B75D6C66-5E33-4A3C-A39B-A6E66560AA1E_zpsqqx2tcsw.jpg  photo DSC_7414_zpseff63acf.jpg  photo DSC_7417_zps540986c0.jpg  photo DSC_7418_zps959467c6.jpg  photo DSC_7421_zps365a003f.jpg  photo 637C0A59-126C-41ED-970C-FDE06094C9C5_zpsudwes0bf.jpg What can I say about Big Hero 6? It was a heartfelt movie with some wonderful and memorable characters. In my past review for Dusty (The Planes 2 toy) I mentioned that I was a Disney geek, so this movie was a bit of a no-brainer for me. Heck, I already like comics; add some Disney into the mix and i'm happy. The only bummer was that I felt BH6 was overshadowed by last years hit movie Frozen. The Disney community has taken a bit of a hard stance on Frozen lately (Think of how Transformers fan feel about Bumblebee) and while I really liked Frozen, I am more than Frozen-ed out. Overall I really love his Red Armour, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this version sporting his "non-intimidating", personal health care companion look; how could you not love this guy? He even comes with the "hairy baby" Mochi. With its success, including an Oscar, you have to believe that they are talking sequel, to which I'm kind of on the fence about. Sure I would love to see another big movie adventure, but i'm not so sure that another movie can capture the charm of the first. Honestly, I feel like a weekly cartoon television series would lend itself very well to the brand and the further development of the characters. They could even work in an Incredibles crossover. Pros: Great look with the likeness being spot on. I loved that they included Mochi. Cons: Limited articulation, Doesn't warm up. Overall it is a nice representation of an excellent character who will enjoy much popularity over then next few years.

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