Monday, October 12, 2015

012 & 013 Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heros - Rocket Raccon & Iron Fist

012 & 013 Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heros - Rocket Raccoon & Iron Fist  photo DSC_7341_zpsx2ld3gyx.jpg  photo DSC_7343_zpsvzoovseu.jpg  photo DSC_7439_zpslonhiqrk.jpg  photo DSC_7443_zpsfat0o17w.jpg  photo DSC_7446_zps8cc22sgv.jpg  photo DSC_7448_zpsmvp2jvbh.jpg  photo DSC_7611_zpsubtbnver.jpg  photo DSC_7614_zpssjap5fxx.jpg  photo DSC_7643_zpshpmi7691.jpg  photo DSC_7646_zpsvq2vqses.jpg  photo DSC_7649_zps9x8bg9hq.jpg  photo DSC_7652_zpsoq86ffum.jpg Ok, I'm getting a bit back-logged so I'm going blitz through these new Infinity figures. I'll get back to more traditional figures soon, but these things have been on sale. Rocket Raccoon: Really captures his bad ass, guns-a-blazing sculpt. Little big for my tastes and does not fit very well with the others GOTG figures, but I'm not so sure that scale was a big concern in the design. Iron Fist: I hate the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon; it's terrible. I believe that this sculpt is taken from that design. However, I do not hate this figure; in fact, it's pretty great, so I'm torn. Also, what a crazy time in which we live; Iron Fist in figure form? Who would have guessed? Maybe that means I'm one step closer to have my beloved Sleepwalker toy that I have always wished for. Pros: Awesome sculpt and representation, the base hides the "tech" Cons: No articulation

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